I am happy to guide anyone wishing to fish for trout or grayling on the River Wye or its tributaries. I have fished the upper Wye for over a decade. In my opinion the river is one of the most beautiful in Britain. It has wild brown trout and grayling that range in size from tiddlers to 'fish of a lifetime'. I am particularly well acquainted with the tributaries and smaller streams. So I can not only help you fish on the main rivers but also the delightful under-fished and exquisitely beautiful brooks that flow into the Wye and Usk. I am a member of the Grayling Society and fish for these beautiful animals from June to March. So if you want to learn some new tactics or just catch a grayling please contact me.

I also guide on the Usk. This is a smaller river than the Wye and flows over red rock, compared to the grey rock of the Wye. The geology and more intimate size, particularly on the upper section, give it a character all of its own. It has no grayling, but can offer up large trout. I recommend it to those with some experience of river fishing.

The two rivers have many moods and with the ceaseless changes in height of water and the perpetual play of light they are an ever changing delight. You will never be bored by these rivers or the fishing they offer.

In the early Spring, prospecting with nymphs is the main tactic; but there is always a chance of an early hatch of olives. Spring and early Summer are heaven. There are good hatches of Yellow May duns, supplemented by smaller mayflies and in the evening caddis can form clouds over the river. In warmer, drier periods the fishing can become more challenging, but a stealthy approach and patience normally brings a reward. Early Autumn offers plump trout and strong grayling, now fully recovered from spawning. And after the end of the trout season, there are the gorgeous grayling to concentrate on.

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In addition I have many years of experience fishing the flats of Cuba and can organise your fishing holiday, guide or simply give advice. Again please take a look at my article on fishing Cuba's best locations for bonefish, tarpon and permit (as well as baracuda and jacks.)

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