The Wye and Usk Foundation

A great website full of information on the Wye and Usk river systems. You can book fishing online. The site explains the work the foundation is doing to improve the rivers and fishing.

The Grayling Society

A great organisation dedicated to improving the lot of the grayling and promoting fishing. I would encourage people to join.

The Salisbury and District Angling Club

There can be no better organisation. It manages the various needs of its members and provides access to wonderful fishing at a sensible price.

Balkan Trout Restoration Group

A group of unsung heroes who are working to understand and protect salmonids in the Balkans. The website is well worth visiting as it is fascinating to see the number of species that live in a little known (from a UK perspective) part of the world.

Truchas Mexicanas

Whilst the Balkans is a hot spot for trout biodiversity in Europe, the mountains of Mexico, particularly the Sierra Madre Occidental, hold beautiful New World trout species. All live precarious lives, threatened by the twin dangers of development and global warming.

More Links

Caban coch Dam

CabanCoch dam, after the rains

River Elan at dam

River Elan from the dam